Message from the principal


Dear Families and Friends of Divine Mercy Catholic Academy, Please join me in prayer as we kickoff the new school year.

“Father, Praise You for the opportunity to be mothers and fathers. You craft each life with importance. Every one equally loved by You, our faithful and loving Father. We know that You have a purpose for each life You draft, and praise You that we get to be a part of that purpose.”

Every new school year brings renewed energy and excitement for what’s to come. This year we will be “STREAM”ing the way at DMCA. Our students, faculty and staff will be on a mission to seamlessly connect Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics and reach our fullest potential as 21st century learners.

I am eager to see our potential unfold and for our students to realize their gifts and talents, and how they can use these blessings to fulfill our Lord’s mission.

Yours in Christ,
Dave Parker