What is STREAM?

Science – Technology – Religion – Engineering – Arts – Mathematics

STREAMing the way at DMCA!

STREAM is the name given to the integration of science, technology, religion, engineering, the arts, and math curricula.

The DMCA curriculum is standards based and coordinated across the subject areas. Our instruction includes inquiry-based and project-based learning. Teachers not only incorporate cross-curricular projects and investigations, but they also provide real-world links to learning through field trips, guest speakers, classroom discussions, and campus activities.

Active student engagement in the learning process is evident throughout our academy. The DMCA classrooms are arranged in a manner conducive to active learning, and there is a wide variety of methods, materials, and learning spaces available to our students.  At DMCA, we go beyond the curriculum and the classroom; we empower and enable all of our students to become life-long learners.