Faith Formation


Catholic Identity at Divine Mercy

Sharing in the Eucharist is the source and the summit of all that we do as Catholics, and our weekly school Masses celebrate our faith.  Our students not only participate in these liturgies, but each week a different class takes on a leadership role in the service.  Children serve as readers, prayer leaders, choir members, gift bearers, and media crew.  Some of our upper grades even act as escorts and role models for our younger students.  At times, we have Masses during which we honor grandparents, parents, volunteers, and veterans.    Following these special Masses, some of our students function as helpers at celebration breakfasts, living out Jesus’ call to serve one another.   While Mass anchors our spirituality and strengthens us as believers, our Catholic identity reaches far beyond the doors of the church.

Formal faith formation takes place in daily religion classes from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Additionally, comprehensive sacramental preparation enriches grades two and eight, enabling these students to experience important milestones on their faith journeys.  Teachers nurture and guide all of our children regardless of their religious backgrounds, praying with them and for them as they grow in knowledge and understanding.  Our Catholic identity underscores everything we do here; it informs our decisions and drives our actions and interactions.  We take Jesus’ exhortation to continue His mission on Earth seriously as we reach out to one another and to those in need. Guided by the Beatitudes and the themes of Catholic Social Teaching, our students engage in service projects, practice stewardship, and work for the common good, all the while respecting the dignity of every person they encounter.  They earnestly answer the call to discipleship as they create a welcoming and inclusive environment rooted in the love of Christ.  At DMCA, we don’t just ask our children, “What would Jesus do?”   We empower them to respond, “Just watch me.”