Middle School Grades

6th - 8th Grade

Middle school can be a challenging time for students and their parents. Divine Mercy offers a safe place for students to face these challenges and as they prepare for high school. As a team, we strive to work with parents to help students become independent as they journey through their educational careers. Through rigorous curriculum, character building, and service learning, students at Divine Mercy receive a holistic education fostering cognitive, social, emotional, and spiritual growth.

As part of a blue-ribbon accredited school, the middle school team encourages students to dig deeply into course content and to see the real-world applications of their learning. We offer cross-curricular projects, challenging students to think outside of the box and push themselves to excellence. The STREAMELA (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics, and English Language Arts) team provides opportunities for all students to shine.

While deeply rooted in Catholic tradition, we are a 21st century school: Our middle school is equipped with classroom sets of iPads and/or tablets and laptops. The integration of technology is two-fold as we seek to prepare our students for the daily digital interaction, which, no doubt, faces them in the future, while empowering them to hone essential presentation skills.

Our house system (homeroom) encourages peer mentorship and vertical team building as students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades share morning and afternoon time together. This time helps build mutual respect and friendships across the grades. Students in eighth grade have opportunities for leadership among their peers by providing advice, assisting with homework, or offering genuine frienship.

In middle school, we work and play hard. Our eighth graders mentor kindergarten buddies by attending weekly Mass with them and meeting once a month to play, read, and teach one another. Through activities like Space Day, Pi Day, archaeological digs, and the Middle School Idol Talent Show, students in middle school have genuine and purposeful opportunities to showcase their talents and to give back to their school community.

Another way our students give back is through continuous service learning projects, in which our students are encouraged to look at their community as active citizens. The connections between course content and community service make these service learning projects meaningful and applicable. We enable our students to achieve academic success, but we balance performance focus with mindful development of character and Catholic identity.

Divine Mercy offers a nurturing environment which appreciates all of our middle school children for who they are and who they can become. Helping students grow and thrive in middle school can prove difficult, but each of us feels called to this vocation—we love our jobs, our students, and their families. We’ve learned to maintain that delicate balance of knowing when to comfort and protect and when to use tough love in order to help our young learners move forward successfully. Together, we aim to help our students not only to navigate the rough waters of middle school but to enjoy the trip as well.